Y.M.T.O.I. (Young Messianic Torah Observant Israel) website evolved as parents and congregations with youth were looking for material to teach their children to follow Proverbs 22:6, which is our theme verse.

Initially, Rebbetzin Julie Berkson, under the direction of Rabbi Steve Berkson, created lessons for the local congregation’s Sabbath school classes. As M.T.O.I. grew, requests were made that our material be shared throughout the mishpocha. Over time, YHWH drew together those with the gifts needed to bring this Parsha Project to fruition.

On this page you will also find an Introduction document outlining how to use the Parsha Pearls as well as a Scriptural Inspiration document for the different section titles used in Parsha Pearls.

We are excited to share our material and any information we have to help you walk through the yearly parsha with your child(ren) or classes on Shabbat.

We pray that this website becomes a valuable resource for you to learn and teach your child(ren) Torah. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at parshapearls@mtoi.org.


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